The Pop Punk Not Pills state of the union.

Here’s the deal. Read this.

Pop Punk Not Pills started as a way for me to merge my love for the genre and my interest in business. I started this company while I was in college and working at a mindless job. I dedicated hours every day to promoting Pop Punk Not Pills and spreading the message I was selling. I loved every minute of it and have met some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

I’ve sold merch all over the world and I cannot tell you how great it is to know that Pop Punk Not Pills has been such a success. Knowing that I’ve made people happy with something I created is a greater feeling than I ever imagined. Pop Punk Not Pills has been Birthday and Christmas presents, has been bought by parents for their kids, and by girlfriends and boyfriends for their significant others. I can’t put into words how much it means to me that people grasped on so tightly on to this message and this company that I started with $120 and one design almost three years ago.

So where are we now? Well, I graduated college in December of 2012 with a degree in Marketing, and in August of 2013 I landed a job at a company I could not be happier with. Having this career path and a job that I love makes running Pop Punk Not Pills really difficult, so some things have to change. Pop Punk Not Pills is not ending, but it is going to be downsized. I’m going to keep a smaller stock and a smaller variety and I won’t be attending fests or shows. I won’t be as present on the social media accounts and will be posting less everywhere. Basically everything available in the online store will be limited, so if you want to support Pop Punk Not Pills, make sure you pick something up if you see it’s available. 

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for how awesome Pop Punk Not Pills has been, and I hope you stick with me through the changes!

p.s. Please take a look at the small number of bands that have received endorsements from Pop Punk Not Pills. These bands wore my shirts, people I knew personally, and great guys who promoted my brand. The guys in these bands are great people who deserve your attention. 

- Alex 


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What was the first poppunk band you ever heard?

What inspired you guys to start this Rad brand

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